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About the Web Apps of Hinokoto

For Free
No Installation Required
Computers Available
Smartphones Available
Tablets Available
Can Be Bookmarked and Shared

About Bookmarking and Sharing

  • When you change the setting time, sound, etc., the link to current settings will appear in the middle of the page. You can bookmark and share it.
  • Once you've created a page with your favorite settings, you can use and share it with everyone.

About Sounds

  • Please note that there will be no sound when your phone is on silent mode or displaying a different website.
  • Please note that there will be no sound when the device is on sleep mode or volume 0.
  • In a web app with sounds, you can change the tone and volume of sounds. When you click on the sound button, you will listen to the sound.

About Hinokoto

  • It's a web app with an online timer, stopwatch, alarm, today, and events. An interval timer for studying is popular.
  • The catchphrase for Hinokoto is "Know Days and Measure Times" and "Know Today, Now."